Saturday, February 21, 2009

Disinformation: The Presley Report

Over the past year or so I have been researching various medical and legal issues as they pertain to Elvis Presley, and to the death of Elvis Presley. As part of this research, I have decided to re-visit the work of the Presley Commission, since so much of what I have been examining lately reminds me of the many flaws found in the Presley Report. As a reminder, the Presley Commission was formed in early 1992 “to determine if the theories about Elvis Presley’s reported death would maintain substance after intensive analysis and examination.” Their research and investigation were presented in late 1994 as “The Presley Report.”

I should note that I continue to work on the "Elvis is alive" phenomenon, even though I have made it clear that I do not believe there was a hoaxed death, for the simple reason that I am continually asked about it, and the topics won't seem to go away.

So, I would like to offer some analyses of the claims outlined in the Presley Report, and shine some light on just how much research these folks actually did. I’ll start with the opening section of the Presley Report, and then continue with the medical issues covered in the report.

We should note at the outset that at least two of the Commission’s members have a financial interest in this story, and specifically in the notion that the death hoax theories support and circumstantially prove the death hoax. Gail Brewer-Giorgio has written several books promoting the idea that Elvis faked his death, and Monte Nicholson likewise has written a book based on the same idea. The Presley Commission, then, included at least two people who were already decided on the case.

Most of the other members of the Presley Commission refuse to reveal their identities.

As I mentioned, Part I of this examination focuses on the introductory section of the Presley Report, and Part II addresses the medical and drug issues and theories as presented by the Presley Commission. Part III covers the “replacement body” theory, and Part IV closes the analysis. I will present this analysis using page numbers as reference, though the Presley Report itself does not include page numbers.

A separate section, where we will begin our look at The Presley Report, will cover the Commission's "sutured thoracotomy" claims.

UP NEXT: Disinformation: The Presley Report - The Sutured Thoracotomy.

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