Friday, February 12, 2010

Delusions: 74

Several months ago I sat down to go over the Petition for Paternity that was filed by "Eliza Presley" with the Chancery Court, and part of that examination led me to review a few other documents and photos that have surfaced over the past year or two. One of these is an image that shows a title page from one of Dr. Hinton's books with two signatures just below the title. One of the signatures reads "Elvis Presley," while the other reads, "Jesse Presley." After the "Jesse Presley" signature, we see the added notation, "age 74." This title page is from the book that "Eliza Presley" was trying to sell on her website in 2009, an offer that has since been withdrawn.

Several questions come to mind when contemplating this title page with these two signatures, and the "age 74" notation:

Since when does a celebrity, in the course of signing an autograph, also write his or her age? Has anyone seen an autograph from George Clooney that reads, "George Clooney age 48"? What about an autograph from Julia Roberts, signed, "Julia Roberts age 42"? Does the person who signed the name "Jesse Presley" and wrote "age 74" think that those people who have not already been indoctrinated into the strange labyrinth constructed by "the true believers" might somehow be convinced of the signature’s authenticity based on this "age 74" notation? That is, if the "age 74" note were not there, would there be some suspicion or question as to the identity of the signer? But that by adding "age 74," that suspicion would be alleviated, and the uninitiated would then conclude, "Oh, it says 'age 74' right here next to 'Jesse Presley,' so that means it had to have been signed by Elvis Presley, since Elvis would have been 74 years old when this signature was made." Is this "age 74" notation actually intended to convince people of the authenticity of these signatures?

Really now, how stupid, how gullible, how na├»ve, and how ignorant does the character of "Jesse" think people are? Does he/she really believe that "age 74" would be enough to change someone’s mind about this whole "Jesse" scheme?

Finally, "Jesse," whom we are told is really Elvis Presley, writes in the Hinton book that Elvis died in 1977, and that at the time of Elvis’s death, "Jesse" came to life. If that is the case, then why did “Jesse” write that he is 74? Shouldn’t the note have read, "age 32"?

Enquiring minds...