Friday, October 22, 2010

Dee Stanley's eBook

UPDATE (11-11-10):  I have finally finished reading and digesting this book, as it was tough to get through considering the multiple flaws.  I am now very curious about who published this eBook, and how the book was released, given the statement from Dee Stanley that she had nothing to do with it.  I am also interested to see how this mess is reconciled with the Stanley brothers' statements:  David denies any connection to the book (but does not deny knowledge of it prior to publication); Rick denies any knowledge of the book; and Billy says he knew about the book and tried to stop its publication.  If Billy is telling the truth, are we also to believe that over the past 3 months or so since the book's release, that no one bothered to mention it to David and Rick?  Very strange.

10/22/10:  Against Marty Lacker's sage advice, and against my better judgment, I am now reading the "book" that Dee Stanley put out a few months ago.  Really.