Monday, November 15, 2010

Deecoded - Dee Presley's Letter

This is a transcription of the letter Dee Presley wrote on October 28, 2010, to Sam Coplin regarding the eBook released under her name in July, 2010.  The third page (the second post script) was likely added later, and intended for someone else.  In [brackets] are words that I am not sure of, or the proper spelling of a name or word.

The letter can be found at Elvis Express Radio.

Page 1


I am still [in_sting / in _sting] the release of the material that was released in July 2010 which I called you about.  I was not aware it even existed until 10/27/10.  I called Barnes and Noble and came up with this information.  You and Phillip [Scheldt] name [are] [showing] up and me as the authorized authors, I have never or I will never publish or allow any more "sensation" [sensational?] material to be released using my name in any way.  I am trying to find out who made a contract to market this.  I have not signed any contract with you or any one [releasing] an electronic book. 

Page 2

I am seeking legal advice at this time hoping to see what options I have.  I trust you might be also interested since at this time you and Phillip [Scheldt] seem to be [involved], you told me yesterday you had nothing to do with any contracts or any marketing of the material - I hope not -

I want this stopped immediately.

Dee Presley

P.S.  I just was informed by someone working on [cleaning/clearing] this up that Phillip Scheldt – stated on the [website] he was representing me – I never heard of him until this came up or have I ever been in any working relationship with him.

Page 3

P.S.  I am still waiting to hear from Sam Coplin, he has not replied or sent any information – who sold the material, or to whom, or any contracts signed by me, I will keep you informed and post any messages from him or his partner – Phillip??  Also I don’t have any working contract with him on any book material.

I am sorry, needless to say as you already know when I put him on notice my plan to seek legal advice and find out who is responsible for the embarrassment and agony this has caused me and my family.  It was immediately stopped but I feel the damage [was] already done.

I only wish I had known earlier.  We are still [searching].

[Handwriting at end of page cannot be read.]