Monday, May 26, 2008

More on Paul Terry King

The latest inanity from Paul Terry King, a man who has no grasp of fact vs. fiction:

“Patrick I got a fact you may not understand { Copyright registration is not a nessasary condition of copyright} The songs I wrote with Elvis became reality upon fixation and creation in 1973. They have been registered uncontested for the last 16 years in the copyright office but only recently have been noticed in the Elvis World by their auction and sale to Elvis PresleyEnterprises. Better stop smoking crack with them book royaty checks and get your facts straight and tell us how many units have been sold cause I want a dollar a copy from your publisher for your constant character assasination of me here in this forum!”

1. Mr. King, the fact is, you have tried to convince people of the legitimacy of your claim by citing the copyright registration, which you contend proves that Elvis Presley co-wrote these songs with you. This is the evidence you refer to in support of your claim. The evidence you cite, however, is meaningless, so you have now tried to back-track and change your position.

2. You use the word “uncontested” here, which tells me you are still sticking to the fantasy that just because no one has questioned the registration, that means the registration is legitimate. However, here is yet another fact you refuse to accept: The information on the registration is false, and the Copyright Office does not investigate information submitted on copyright registrations. You can spin and twist this all you want, but the fact remains that your claim that Elvis Presley co-wrote these songs based on his name being listed on a copyright registration is pure nonsense…and an attempt to fool people, to boot.

3. The sale of the song to Elvis Presley Enterprises came about as part of a sale of other items, and the song was part of that deal. That EPE purchased the song means nothing as to your claim of authorship. This is a fact.

4. Fact: I have never said anything about your claims that is not true.

5. Fact: I have never posted on the Elvis Express Radio forum. Apparently you don’t even understand that my blog is not the EER forum.