Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paul Terry King Still Doesn't Understand The Facts

The latest from Paul Terry King, the songwriter who claims to have written two songs with Elvis Presley, referring to me and my recent (April 29) analysis of his claims:

“For those of you thats been keeping up with this here He rants on splitting hairs about the difference in a registration and a infringment which all boiled down is the same thing as It is an infringment to use elvis presleys name or likeness wrongfully! I am proud of the songs I wrote at american Recording Studios and elsewhere! Now that is a fact!”

Mr. King, here are a few facts for you:

Fact 1: Copyright registration and copyright infringement are two totally different issues, and to differentiate between them is most certainly not “splitting hairs.” On the registration issue, I have addressed whether your claim to have written two songs with Elvis Presley stands up under scrutiny based on the information you provided on the copyright registration. It does not. The false information you included in the registration is just that, false information, but the Copyright Office does not investigate this type of information. This is fully explained in my previous blog posts, but why you are unable to understand the matter is a mystery to me. Well, no, it’s not.

Fact 2: Copyright infringement is a serious matter and carries serious consequences. You are now suggesting that registration and infringement are pretty much the same issue, and that they “boil down” to the same thing. You are flat-out wrong. Do your homework.

Fact 3: Infringement is not an issue here because you are not using Elvis Presley’s name and likeness in a manner that would violate copyright or trademark laws. You seem to believe that your use of Elvis Presley’s name as part of the copyright registration would be copyright infringement if Elvis did not, in fact, write these songs with you, but as with every other facet of this ridiculous story of yours, you are flat-out wrong. Again, do your homework.

Fact 4: I changed the title of the last post to “Paul Terry King Doesn't Understand The Facts” just for you. Enjoy.

Fact 5: I stand by everything I have ever written about your claims.